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Win McNamee/Getty Images
Reporter Slams Donald Trump And Ted Cruz At The Same Time
8 months ago

While visiting Houston, Texas, on September 2nd, 2017, to meet with victims of Hurricane Harvey (having failed to do so on his first visit), President Trump met with Texas Senator Ted Cruz at a volunteer center packing emergency supplies for survivors of the disaster. Several pictures were snapped of their meeting, and Ashley Feinberg, a reporter at Wired, tweeted a small reminder of the politician's mutual history which doesn't cast either of them in a positive light:

Many believe Cruz shouldn't have met Trump in friendship after the horrible personal insults and accusations the President threw at him repeatedly during the campaign:

Twitter users came up with some hilarious explanations for Cruz's awkward averted eyes:

The image game some Twitter users Game of Thrones flashbacks:

Almost everyone recognized Cruz's expression, however: