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Win McNamee/Getty Images
Trump Uses Speech To Harvey Survivors And Coast Guard To Attack The Media
8 months ago

Hurricane Harvey's devastation has made it clear to everyone how many heroes are still willing to put themselves at risk for the greater good - normal people who have been photographed rescuing friends and neighbors from their flooded homes, or opening the doors of their businesses to the deluge of displaced residents seeking shelter. Another group of people doing great work in Texas is the media, whose responsibility to show what's happening during disaster has placed them right in the middle of it. Many members of the media have been onsite, covering what's happening and stepping in to help with rescue efforts, since days before Harvey made landfall. This fact was apparently lost on President Trump, who airdropped into the region for the second time (after failing to meet with any victims of the Hurricane during his first visit), and threw in this dig at the media while addressing survivors:

Twitter users were quick to correct the President's biased assertion:

Many felt it was pretty strange that the President would speak ill of the people who were spending days at a time in the area when he himself was only stopping by for a short while:

Putting aside Trump's hypocrisy for a moment, his base argument in this statement is that the media is "bad" in some way because they don't do what members of our military do?

Even if they were well-intentioned, Trump's comments are ill-timed at best. The media on the ground in Texas have been doing important work, keeping the nation (and Trump himself to a certain degree) informed on what's happening during one of the largest national disasters in recent history.