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The Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C./Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images
Russia Really Doesn’t Want America Searching Its Washington Trade Mission Building
8 months ago

Russia's foreign ministry has asked a top US diplomat to speak out against a search it says USA officials are planning of a Russian trade mission building in Washington, calling the search "illegal" and "aggressive."

The site was closed by the US State Department on September 2nd at 2pm EST, and since then staff have been barred access.  Russia considers the search to be a "violation of international law."

It is unclear what the USA expects to find upon searching the property, but this marks the latest in a series of diplomatic strains on the US and Russia's relationship. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed slashing US Diplomat numbers in Russian buildings by 755 in retaliation for the new US sanctions against Moscow, stemming from the Russian interference in the US Presidential Election in 2016.  The Kremlin continues to deny interference.

Once again, the citizens of the USA will have to wait and see.

H/T: BBC, Twitter