People In Dino Suits Just Marched On The White House To Protest Budget Cuts

People In Dino Suits Just Marched On The White House To Protest Budget Cuts
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Updated 10 months ago

Service Year Alliance, an organization that offers young Americans "paid opportunities to develop real-world skills through hands-on service," found a way to bring attention to Trump’s 2018 budget. The proposed budget would cut critical funding for YouthBuild, the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. Their mission: stop national service extinction.

Dressing as dinosaurs got the public's attention: 

The dinosaur costumes caused some confusion:

But it's okay! Service Year shared a video to explain all the dinosaurs:

Still confused? Maybe Service Year's press release will help clear things up:

This morning, an unprecedented number of dinosaurs took to the streets of Washington, DC to tell Congress to stop national service extinction. The hundreds of dinosaurs and national service advocates were present at 8 locations across the city. This included Dupont Circle, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and Union Station. The morning ended with a record number of dinosaurs rallying at the US Capitol. The campaign was in response to President Trump's 2018 budget proposal which threatens to eliminate national service programs like AmeriCorps and outlines the largest cut to the Peace Corps by a president in 40 years.

Twitter loved the dinos in DC:

Let's hope U.S. service programs don't go the way of the real dinosaurs.

H/T: Twitter, Service Year Alliance