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Smithsonian showcases a portrait of Harriet Tubman/Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Reporter Points Out The Hypocrisy Of Trump Keeping Harriet Tubman Off The $20 Bill
8 months ago

Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin (appointed by President Donald J. Trump) has recently announced that he will hold off on his predecessor's decision to take Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill and replace him with Harriet Tubman.  Jackson's presence on the bill has brought about unrest due to his genocide and forced removal of Native Americans while he was in office.

Meanwhile, Harriet Tubman made history as a hero pre and during the Civil War by going on some thirteen missions to rescue approximately seventy enslaved people: family and friends, but also strangers.  She would help the freed and escaped slaves find work in the land now known as Canada.

In the Civil War, Tubman served as a spy for the Union (aka the North.)  And given President Trump's recent rhetoric surrounding the removal of Confederate statues, New York Times editor Max Fisher made an astute observation about the hypocrisy of the Trump administration:

This news comes just three weeks following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, that resulted in the death of a woman while members of the alt-right chanted "Blood and soil!" a well known Nazi-solute.  

President Trump responded by blaming "bad people and hate on many sides," whilst identifying himself with the alt-right and calling out the alt-left as "coming out and attacking us."  The use of the pronoun "us" to identify with the Neo-Nazi alt-right has come at the great disturbance of many, even among the Republican party.

The world has noticed this administration's fondness for White Supremacy, and they are fighting back.

Let's make good on that promise in 2020.