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Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images
President Trump Shared A Hurricane Harvey Photo, And the Internet Tore Into Him

When Donald and Melania Trump visited Texas on Tuesday to witness the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the president was widely criticized for not actually meeting with any victims of the storm or touring any of the damage.

Yet in a tweet he posted on Wednesday, Trump claimed that he had experienced the "horror & devastation" of Harvey "first hand."

And as proof of this "first hand" witnessing of Harvey's damage, Trump posted this whopper on Instagram:

Twitter was not having it.

One journalist who traveled with the President in Texas offered his own account:

Others shared their own experiences "witnessing" important events "first hand."

One user offered her sincerest compassion for his sacrifice and service. 

While Trump may not have witnessed much of anything first hand on his first trip, the White House has announced that he will visit the Houston area as well as parts of southern Louisiana, which were also hit by severe flooding, on Saturday.

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