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Trump Behaves Presidential For Fifteen Minutes—And Then Returned To His Normal Self

Trump Behaves Presidential For Fifteen Minutes—And Then Returned To His Normal Self
9 months ago

In moments of crisis, people tend to show you who they really are. Police officers, volunteers, and journalists have all been witnessed saving lives and making a difference in Texas following the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. President Trump, after traveling to Texas and witnessing what the situation is like first hand, issued a statement on Wednesday, August 30th, that seemed surprisingly somber and appropriate.

This Presidential persona didn't last long. 15 minutes later:

Though his message isn't as harsh as some past declarations, its timing is incredibly bad. Many journalists, in the face of the disaster, have been stepping up to meet their hardships head on. One Houston TV affiliate saw their offices flooded—so they started broadcasting from the second floor. Reporters from the Houston Chronicle have worked around the clock, with some camping out at crucial locations for days to keep people informed about what's happening.

Not everything journalists have done in Texas has been positive: the chief national correspondent for ABC News called the cops on people who were taking food from a supermarket, A CNN reporter was admonished on live TV for conducting interviews, and Fox News host Jesse Watters was tricked by a hoax image of a shark swimming in a highway. However, Trump doesn't seem to be referring to any of these lapses in journalistic judgement. He seems solely focused on how the media is treating him personally - any news not about him doesn't matter!

In Trump's world everything's about him, even when millions are being affected by a crisis of unprecedented scale. The victims of Hurricane Harvey got the spotlight for 15 minutes before he moved back to how unfairly he's been treated by the mainstream media who talk about him day after day. 

After another 15 minutes, the victims of Harvey were even farther behind him - Trump tweeted about his trip to Missouri, where he'll talk about the tax cuts that will be hugely beneficial to wealthy families like his own.