Twitter Pic Of Two News Headlines Shows The Unfair Class Divide In Our Country

Twitter Pic Of Two News Headlines Shows The Unfair Class Divide In Our Country
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In 2009, Roy Brown, 54, walked into a bank with his hand in his jacket and said, "Stickup." The teller handed him three stacks of cash. Brown took a single $100 bill and left the rest. The next day he turned himself into the police and confessed, telling them he needed the money for food and a place to stay. 

For his crime, Brown was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In 2011, Paul Allen, 55, CEO of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to commit bank and wire fraud. He admitted to the $2.9 billion scheme, which resulted in the collapse of TBW. 

For his crime, Allen was sentenced to forty months in prison.

Of course, when any discrimination or oppression is pointed out in the U.S., some people simply can't wrap their heads around how this is possible. If it doesn't happen in my bubble it must not happen anywhere!

Others believed it could happen but rationalized that the 15-year prison term may have been the best thing for Roy Brown.

I mean, he was homeless, so:

Luckily for the sake of humanity and hope for a better future, some folks saw this comparison for exactly what it was.

Twitter users provided a reality check:

If time is money, then let's put this in perspective: each day Paul Allen spent in prison was worth $2,469,135.00 toward the total of his crime. Each day Roy Brown spends in prison,was worth $0.018 toward the total if his crime. 

This story may be from 2011, but the class divide in America has been going on for over 200 years and will continue until we do something about it.

I'll let Ice-T break it down:

H/T: Snopes/Twitter