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Jake Tapper Slams Trump For Making Book Recommendation During Hurricane Harvey
9 months ago

Texans have hunkered down since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the coastal city of Rockport; the storm has caused unprecedented levels of flooding and property damage across the Houston metro area.

The storm has also served as a litmus test for how President Donald Trump would respond during the first natural disaster to strike the United States during his term. The consensus is one of failure.

Trump tweeted the following message as the storm battered the Texas Gulf:

The book, Cop Under Fire, by Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., contends that "America has become increasingly divided and polarized in recent years" due to "racial tension, animosity toward law enforcement professionals, government corruption, and disregard for the constitutional process."

It also features a foreword written by Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, who says the book is "a must-read for people who love this great country."

CNN's Jake Tapper was having none of it, though. He urged his followers to instead donate their money on Harvey's relief efforts.

Trump's tweet received scathing criticism. 

Several likened the president's support for David Clarke to his support for Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona Sheriff was convicted of abuses of power, including failure to investigate sex crimes and unlawful enforcement of immigration laws. Clarke, who spoke at last year's Republican National Convention has accused Planned Parenthood of "genocide," has said blacks "sell drugs and involve themselves in criminal behavior instead of a more socially acceptable lifestyle" and has described Black Lives Matter as a "hate group."

Shortly after the tweet promoting the book, Trump tweeted his support for "agencies at all levels of government" for their response to the storm...

...but has since gloated about his electoral victory and rallied support for the proposed wall along the Mexican border.