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Gay Trump Supporters Want To Hold ‘Deplorable Pride’ During Charlotte’s Gay Pride
8 months ago

Republican LGBT group (aka a living oxymoron) Deplorable Pride were recently denied a spot in Charlotte's annual pride,  but that's not stopping the group from protesting the parade.

Deplorable Pride made headlines when Charlotte Pride denied them permission to enter a 27-foot-long float featuring a female impersonator dressed as Melania Trump.

“In the past, we have made similar decisions to decline participation from other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances,” said a Charlotte Pride spokesperson in a statement about disincluding the Republican group participating. “Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected, and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.”

Deplorable Pride say their protest, scheduled 30 minutes before the parade, will be a “non-confrontational peaceful demonstration.”  That remains to be seen.