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Fashion Designer Removes Clothes After Backlash Due To Holocaust-Like Yellow Star

Oh no, half our grandparents did not survive genocide and fascism for THIS.

Fashion designer Miu Miu pulled a line of clothing from distribution after being made aware that it contained a hauntingly accurate reminder of the Star of David marked Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.


The markers were used to slowly maneuver Jewish people into death camps.  In a time where Naziism is disturbingly making a resurgence, Miu Miu clearly either made a poor choice or chose to make a disturbing statement.  The answer is currently unclear, though, some Twitter users have decided to show their true colors in the meanwhile.

The above Tweet has since been deleted.

“It was not Miu Miu’s intent in any way to make any political or religious statement, and we apologize for any offence that may have been taken. Kindly note that effective immediately these items will be removed from the collection," said Preia Narenda, the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Miu Miu, in an email to the Facebook user 'The Jewish Chick.'

It should also be noted that Miu Miu’s pre-fall collection were referencing styles from the 1940s and ’50s.  We remain uneasy, as always, in this new and terrifying time.

H/T: Facebook, Jezebel