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Man Compares Trump’s Vacations To Transgender Military Healthcare To Make A Serious Point
9 months ago

On Friday, Donald Trump signed a directive banning transgender individuals from enlisting in the military.

It remains unclear whether the directive will allow current transgender servicemen and women to continue to serve. The directive forbids government spending on gender reassignment surgeries, except in instances where stopping an ongoing transition would put the health of the individual at risk.

Many have called the decision blatantly transphobic, pointing out that the government spends money on all sorts of things that don't seem to draw as much ire from conservatives.

Recent studies have shown that the surgeries would account for a 0.04–0.13 percent increase in the military's health budget. That's $2.4–8.4 million a year, which doesn't seem like much.

Especially considering how much the ban could cost American taxpayers:

One Twitter user highlighted that figure in comparison to Trump's vacations this year:

That little truth bomb floored Twitter:

Speaking of revealing statistics, there's this:

Kinda makes you think:

People are calling out Trump's decision for what it is:

Sadly, it's what people have come to expect from Trump: