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Bill Maher Slams Ivanka Trump Over Trans Military Ban
9 months ago

Bill Maher roasted Ivanka Trump on the August 25 episode of Real Time. His remarks came the same day President Trump signed a directive banning transgendered people from joining the military.

Of Ivanka, Maher said:

I mean, really, Ivanka? You couldn’t even stop the transgender in the military thing? I thought this was your area. She has no sway over daddy.

Ivanka reportedly learned of her father's decision on Twitter. Awkward!

 Ivanka has used Twitter in the past to show her support for LGBTQ rights: 

Many people thought she should do something more than tweet about it:

Maher poked fun at Ivanka's tweet about the eclipse, in which she warned people to properly cover their eyes:

Maher joked that Ivanka used #NASA in her tweet, saying that her father "rejects" climate change and the work NASA is trying to accomplish.

But back to the President, who stared at the eclipse on Monday!

“Didn’t get that note to dad, either,” Maher said.

Here are some Internet reactions to the President's defiantly naked eyes: 

Looks like Ivanka needs to remember that actions speak louder than words.