Disturbing Anti-Semitic Tweet Written By Guy President Trump Retweeted Emerges

Disturbing Anti-Semitic Tweet Written By Guy President Trump Retweeted Emerges
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10 months ago

Donald Trump has drawn a lot of criticism throughout his career as a "business man", a "reality star" and now as POTUS. His actions are highly analyzed and criticized, as is the case with all world leaders. One thing that makes Trump stand out from world leaders of the past and of other nations is his frequent and casual use of social media. Yet another one of his tweets has landed him in the hot seat. This time, however, it's not just because of what was tweeted, it's the source. Donald Trump retweeted a meme of himself "eclipsing" former President Barack Obama.

The source of the original tweet has people asking questions.

Like this question.

And this question.

And absolutely this question. 

Evidently, that anti-Semitic tweet caused some problems not just for 45, but for Jerry the original poster. His t shirt store was closed down by the parent site. 

People are a little bit confused by the conflicting information Jerry seems to be putting out there. 

Jerry's "damage control" methods don't seem to be winning any fans either. 

The self-professed "YouTube actor" posted a video discussing his love for his country and everyone in it. 

 That didn't fly well with a lot of people. 

He also tried to play the "I was hacked" card. That ... wasn't a success either. 

Two days ago he attempted to go with the unity angle, urging people to love their neighbors. People started using his own words to point out the issue. So, that tactic was a fail.

A bigly fail. 

The best fail, really. 

Ann wrapped things up with a "comforting" take on the situation. At least we'll never be able to forget. 

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