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President Trump’s Guy In Charge Of Finding Positive News Stories Just Resigned

Another White House staffer has left the building.

The White House communications team's rapid response director, 31-year-old Andy Hemming, resigned on Monday. National news outlets probably knew him best as "that guy who tried to find positive news stories about Trump."

This isn't an uncommon role, but Hemming's job reportedly included delivering a folder full of positive news articles twice a day to Trump. According to Politico, Hemming was paid "$89,000 a year to spot and distribute positive stories from the mainstream media." He worked from 5:30AM to 11PM every weekday.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed Hemming's resignation on Thursday, three days after it happened. Sanders told Politico it was a: decision that he could best help promote the president’s agenda on the outside. Andy is smart and very talented and we wish him all the best.

The decidedly negative news quickly spread around Twitter:

Twitter was shocked the job even existed:

They found this news rather hilarious:

Farron Cousins posted an explanatory video on YouTube:

Looks like Trump will have to get his positive news elsewhere:


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