Anderson Cooper Slams President Trump Over Deceitful Phoenix Rally

Anderson Cooper Slams President Trump Over Deceitful Phoenix Rally
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Updated 11 months ago

During his Wednesday night show, CNN's Anderson Cooper slammed President Trump's rally in Phoenix, in which Trump lied about the crowd size as well as the number of protesters outside, and continued his divisive rhetoric regarding the deadly protest in Charlottesville. 

Among other scathing remarks, Cooper said:

Just last night, the President stood before a crowd of supporters in Phoenix and revealed once again just how far he'll go, how much he'll bend the truth, whose memory he'll sully, who he'll attack — even within his own party.

The President's remarks during the Phoenix rally were in sharp contrast to a speech he made Wednesday at a veterans' convention in Reno, Nevada, in which he called for "national unity."

Cooper criticized Trump's Phoenix rally, saying:

Last night, first and foremost, wasn’t about the people in that auditorium as the president claimed it was. Maybe that was the biggest lie of all. Last night, what we saw, was all about him.

He also called Trump out for playing the victim rather than admitting when he's made a mistake, labeling him as "Donald Trump: the world’s biggest victim, trapped inside the body of the world’s most powerful man."

Anderson Cooper 360° tweeted out a 17-minute clip of Cooper's insightful take-down of the President:

Many agreed with Cooper's assessment:

And they thanked Cooper for taking a stand:

Maybe we've found another challenger for 2020: