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Trump Supporters Tweet Fake Photo Of Crowds That Weren’t Actually At His Rally

President Trump held a rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night that some would like you to believe was better attended than it actually was.

Photos of the "massive crowd" clamoring to get into the rally started spreading like wildfire on Twitter.

There was only one problem: the photos weren't of the Phoenix rally at all.

It didn't take long for users to figure out that one of the most popular photos, originally shared by the "Tennessee Republicans," actually came from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers parade:

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And Twitter was not having it.

It didn't stop Trump from asserting that there "aren't too many people outside protesting," even though there were, and bragging about the 15,000 supporters that showed up:

We know that for Trump, when it comes to his crowds, size matters.

But maybe Trump just can't handle the truth.

You think that's a crowd, Donald? Now THAT's a crowd:

In the end, the Tennessee GOP Twitter account (@TEN_GOP) that originally spread the fake images has been suspended by Twitter, which had at least one Tennessee Twitter user cheering.

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