Trump Mispronounces ‘Antifa,’ And Twitter Let Him Have It

Trump Mispronounces ‘Antifa,’ And Twitter Let Him Have It
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Updated 10 months ago

During Trump's Phoenix rally, he made some comments about groups known as "antifa."

Like many who have only seen the word in print, Trump pronounced it "an-TEE-fuh":

So what is the correct pronunciation? Well, "antifa" is short for "anti-facist" or "anti-facism," which could lend some clues. 

There are multiple common pronunciations in North America and Great Britain, as this video shows:

While Trump's pronunciation is a little off, it isn't necessarily uncommon. And while his comments were upsetting, his enthusiastic cry of "Antifa!" had people LOLing.

Naturally, Twitter had fun with it:

It almost sounds like a prescription drug:

Or a popular song:

But then someone found the perfect reference:

Twitter didn't disappoint:

Twitter for the win: