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Trump Misspelled The Word “Heal” Two Times Before He Got It Right, And People Are Laughing

After a right-wing "free speech" rally and massive counterprotest in Boston on Saturday, President Trump exercised his oratorical side and called for the nation to come together and heal (because that's how you create healing - just ask for it). Of course, as we all know, the President of the United States isn't a big reader, and accidentally misspelled heal as "heel" not once, but twice in his tweet.

Trump quickly deleted the misspelled tweet:

Half an hour later, Trump gave it another try. Apparently, he could tell something was wrong with his first draft, but he wasn't sure what. 

Trump changed "for decade" into "for decades," but the misspelling of "heel" remained:

Six minutes later, the President of the United States got it right:

Twitter users had a field day with Trump's snafu:

Some responses were quite punny:

Several patriotic pooches had something to say:

Ultimately, the dictionary had the last laugh:

That sound you hear is Twitter laughing through the pain of having a President who can't spell:

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