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Students Start Petition To Take Back President Trump’s Honorary Law Degree

Students Start Petition To Take Back President Trump’s Honorary Law Degree
Updated 9 months ago

Trump's first six months in office were bad enough, but the last few weeks have been especially damning. 

Many Americans believe Trump's response to the deadly Charlottesville protest was the last straw. In recent days, graduates from ultra-conservative Liberty University, an evangelical Christian school, have been returning their degrees to protest university President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s continuing support of Trump.

Now, students and alumni from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania believe that Trump should have his honorary law degree from the university rescinded. Lehigh awarded Trump the degree in 1988 after he gave a commencement address.

Lehigh alumnus Kelly McCoy started a petition to do just that:

The petition has amassed almost 30,000 signatures. When it reaches its goal of 35,000, it will be delivered to Lehigh University President John D. Simon. Lehigh's current student body is only about 7,000, which may be an indication of their level of outrage.

In the petition, McCoy states: 

In 2011, Lehigh faculty and students drafted the "Principles of our Equitable Community," a document that contains guidelines for making Lehigh a more diverse and welcoming atmosphere for its students. These principles are antithetical to the behaviors and statements of Donald Trump during his presidency and on the campaign trail. Allowing Donald Trump to retain his honorary degree represents a hollow and superficial ideological commitment from Lehigh to these principles.

(emphasis McCoy's)

Twitter agreed with McCoy, and users helped spread the word:

Some were shocked that Trump even had an honorary law degree:

Some people speculated about the school's motives:

If Trump loses his honorary degree, we have McCoy to thank: