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Merriam-Webster Returns To Troll Trump Over His Latest Spelling Mistake
8 months ago

President Donald Trump tweeted a message in response to counter protests in Boston that quelled a "Free Speech" rally on Saturday––and it didn't go well. 

The president tried to call for unity. Instead, he told the U.S. that it needs to "heel." He made the same mistake twice.

His third attempt was successful (not that it stopped Twitter users from mocking him).

After Twitter erupted over the president's spelling mistake, Merriam Webster's social media account––which has trolled Trump before––chimed in with a reminder.

Twitter agreed.

Others felt the president's tweet was a bit more ominous.

As The Huffington Post's Carla Herreria points out so succinctly, "We can’t be too hard on the president. After all, it must be really hard to ask the country to “heal” when you’ve been defending white supremacists all week."