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Leader Of Hate Rally Tries To Delete Vile Tweet About Heather Heyer—And Failed Miserably

Less than a week after a neo-Nazi drove his car forcefully into a crowd of counter-protesters in Charlottesville and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer, the man who organized the rally took it upon himself to comment on her death in the most vile way possible, as only a Nazi could.

Jason Kessler took to Twitter to spew his hate:


Kessler deleted the tweet, claiming his account had been hacked:

The Internet really is not having it:

Even other white supremacist trash people aren't having it. Richard Spencer, leader of the so-called "alt-right" (and a man who was punched in the face so publicly that he became a meme), condemned Kessler's tweet.

That awkward moment when an infamous Nazi questions your Nazi morality:

But remember, folks, just because he's on our side on this one doesn't mean he's not still a Nazi! Keep doing good work and punching Nazis.

Tim Gionet, another Nazi who was scheduled to speak at Saturday's Nazi rally in Boston before they turned tail and ran like cowards, also spoke out against Kessler: 

And then another Nazi calls your Nazi tweet vile:

Again, folks, don't forget: STILL A NAZI. Punch him if you see him.

Kessler spoke with Fox News about being "in hiding” and receiving death threats for organizing a neo-Nazi rally.

Oh, how tragic.  If only 11 million innocent people hadn't already died at the hands of Nazis, we might feel a bit more sympathetic.

H/T: Washington Post, Uproxx