President Trump Slams Amazon On Twitter, And It Actually Hurt Them

President Trump Slams Amazon On Twitter, And It Actually Hurt Them
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10 months ago

On Wednesday, August 16, amid catastrophic fallout from his public statement drawing moral equivalence between the Nazis who killed a counter-protestor in Charlottesville this past weekend and the counter-protestors themselves, President Trump posted a tweet denouncing Amazon for the damage it does to "tax paying retailers."

Many think the attack might also be an attempt to hurt the Washington Post, a news outlet that has been critical of the Trump administration.

Still, President Trump may have touched upon a real issue with his tweet:

Of course, even that opinion is controversial:

In truth, there's probably a more complex, nuanced situation than Trump presents, as is often the case:

Regardless, Trump's tweet seemed to cause some damage:

It looks as if Trump landed a solid hit on Amazon, though that may not have been his intention:

Whether or not an attack on Amazon is warranted, it's hard not to notice how quickly Trump was willing to condemn an online shipping service while continuing to insist there was fault on "both sides" of the Charlottesville protests. It seems President Trump is more willing to explore each side of the issue and attempt a complex evaluation when there are white supremacists involved.

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