The Man Who Co-Wrote ‘Art Of The Deal’ With Trump Says He’s About To Resign

The Man Who Co-Wrote ‘Art Of The Deal’ With Trump Says He’s About To Resign
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Updated 11 months ago

Tony Schwartz knows Donald Trump really well. He got inside the real-estate mogul's head while co-authoring The Art of the Deal, and he believes Trump is preparing to resign from the presidency.

Schwartz tweeted on Wednesday:

Schwartz spent 18 months interviewing and getting acquainted with Trump in the 80s, more than enough time to make an accurate assessment of character.

The alleged ghostwriter for the 1987 business memoir believes the beleaguered Trump wants to negotiate immunity for the Russian investigation in exchange for his position in the West Wing. 

Schwartz expounded on his hypothesis in response to an inquiry on Twitter, saying, "He has gone over the line of acceptability. So far there is no return. The Russia stuff will be huge. He doesn't want to go to jail."

Schwartz encouraged a little more prodding to help move Trump toward the exit:

Schwartz has been vocally critical of Trump since he took up residence in the White House. He admitted to advising Hillary Clinton's campaign as penance for his role in magnifying Donald Trump's public persona.

When talking about the best-selling memoir, Schwartz admitted most of the material was sensationalized and was nothing but pure fiction that was akin to putting "lipstick on a pig." He regrets having glorified Trump, and if given a chance to do it over again, he'd change the title of the book to The Sociopath.

He told CNN during last year's campaign, "This is my penance for having created a man who has become a monster, and I’ve spent 30 years feeling bad about it. Now I feel like I’ve got to show there’s nobody behind the curtain."

Twitter users acknowledged Schwartz's credibility:

Some advised against waiting for Trump's resignation:

It's been a whirlwind of a year, and it looks like we're not done with the spin cycle just yet.