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‘The New Yorker’ Eviscerates President Trump With Its New Cover And People Love It
8 months ago

Donald Trump didn't make TIME magazine's cover this time around, but his likeness, which prominently graces the cover of the August New Yorker, has people talking. We won't be seeing this one framed at any of his golf resorts.

David Plunkert, the artist who lent his talents for next week's issue, usually avoids tackling political subjects in his illustrations. But in light of the President's pandering to white supremacists after the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally, Plunkert made an exception.

 The paint brush is mightier than the sword:

“President Trump’s weak pushback to hate groups—as if he was trying not to alienate them as voters—compelled me to take up my pen," said Plunkert. “A picture does a better job showing my thoughts than words do; it can have a light touch on a subject that’s extremely scary.” 

His bold image triggered favorable reactions on Twitter:

Not surprisingly, a few Twitter users were unhappy:

Looks like the New Yorker lost an audience:

A suggestion for something that was already heading in the right direction: