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Trump’s Lie About Charlottesville’s ‘Violence On Both Sides’ Is The Internet’s Newest Meme

The internet is like a magic machine: pour in all of the real world's most stupid, vile statements, and it churns out hilarious memes and jokes! Speaking of stupid, vile statements, President Trump has now, during two separate press conferences, attempted to draw a moral equivalence between Nazis and the people protesting Nazis by claiming "violence on both sides." His statement represents an unprecedented lack of moral leadership and a level of support for white supremacy that hasn't been matched since before the civil rights movement. That said, Twitter is having an absolute field day with other times there was "violence on both sides."

Everyone was fighting - where should the blame lie?

Nobody talks about how those hobbits came in swinging their little swords at the Naz'ghul. What were the ring wraiths supposed to do?

Those ghosts had a permit to be in the building!

You know what's not cool? Shooting an alien off into space. Violence on both sides.

It's always hard to decide whose side you're on in these scenarios:

Just food for thought here:

Let's not forget Luke had a light saber too:

During such dark times, we all needed a good laugh. Even when it comes from a pure, unfiltered burn:

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