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Son Of Venezuelan President Threatens To Attack The White House

Nicolás Maduro Guerra, son of President Maduro of Venezuela, responded to President Trump's threat of military action against his father's regime on Sunday, August 13th. Basically, he said that if the U.S. started to interfere in Venezuelan affairs, his people would take the White House using muskets:

If the unlikely event of defiling the homeland came to pass, the rifles would arrive in New York, ” Guerra announced to Venezuelan state media. “Mr. Trump, we would arrive and take the White House.

Yes, obviously the White House is in Washington D.C., not New York City, but when it comes to military ultimatums, it's the thought that counts. Guerra was responding to recent attacks from President Trump:

Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering, and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary.

President Maduro, Guerra's father, recently dismissed the Venezuelan Parliament and replaced it with a constituent assembly (which highly favors him). The constituent assembly will be tasked with writing a new constitution for the South American nation. The international community is growing more and more concerned with what seems like major infringements of the Venezuelan democracy, but Trump's words come at the exact right moment for Maduro, who seems to be installing himself as a powerful national despot. Government leadership is now managing to rally many citizens behind a fear of American invasion - news about Maduro basically throwing out the old government so he can have more power has been pushed to the back burner.

Venezuela is currently facing food shortages, worthless currency, and daily protests. The day following the election to determine members of the constituent assembly, President Maduro had two prominent leaders of the opposition party (his loudest critics) taken from their homes in the middle of the night and transported to an  unknown location.

Guerra isn't the only one condemning Trump's threat. Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said it would be a “crazy act” if Trump actually tried it. Anyone familiar with Trump's rhetoric knows he most likely has no plans to interfere in Venezuela using military force - more than likely, he was just trying to assert his dominance and scare Maduro into submission. Whatever his intentions, his plan has backfired, with his threat effectively silencing the opposition party and uniting many behind the very man he was looking to weaken.

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