Trump Tweets For Mitch McConnell To ‘Get Back To Work’ While He’s On Vacation

Trump Tweets For Mitch McConnell To ‘Get Back To Work’ While He’s On Vacation
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10 months ago

We've all been there: you're on vacation, relaxing, enjoying some golf, and while you're kicking back you decide to email one of your co-workers an extensive list of all the things they'll need to do back at work to gain your favor. Of course, you also imply they've been slacking by telling them to "get back to work," just before leaning back in your lounge chair and sipping a delicious drink. Oh wait, everybody doesn't do that? Just President Trump, tweeting a to-do list to Mitch McConnell? 

Trump is in the middle of a 17-day vacation at the private golf club he owns in Bedminster, New Jersey. While kicking back, however, he couldn't help but insist everyone else get to work back in Washington so that, when he returns, he'll be able to do the very hard job of signing anything the GOP manages to pass through Congress.

The hypocrisy wasn't lost on Twitter:

The President's tweets lead many to believe he's a little ignorant about this complex situation:

Who's side is Trump on, anyway?

A quick progress-update, for those of us who need a reminder:

Trump's tweet also drew the ire of the grammar nazis:

Americans all agree - this is absolutely the right way for the President to go about his issues!

While we await McConnell's hard work, Trump continues to relax in New Jersey, thinking about his job only long enough to escalate tensions with rogue nation North Korea. Are these new tweets a shift in policy, asking Congress to draft the infrastructure bill his administration has been suggesting since day one? Only time will tell.

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