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Half Of Republicans Would Be Okay With President Trump Postponing The 2020 Election
9 months ago

According to a survey, fifty-two percent of Republicans were on board with Donald Trump delaying the 2020 election until only eligible American citizens were allowed to vote. 

The poll, which surveyed 1,325 Americans during June this year, was created by Yeshiva University psychology professor Ariel Malka and University of Pennsylvania communication professor Yphtach Lelkes. 

They assured that the survey was "only measuring reactions to a hypothetical situation." 

The percentage of supporters for election postponement, until the country can confirm the voting privilege of eligible citizens, went up to fifty-six percent when participants were asked if both Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress pushed for the delay.  

The professors told the Washington Post, "Were Trump to seriously propose postponing the election, there would be a torrent of opposition, which would most likely include prominent Republicans."

The poll results showed that, despite the decrease in approval ratings for the "fake news" pied-piper, 47% of the GOP, or GOP-leaning participants bought into Trump's claim that millions of ineligible voters cheated him of a popularity vote sweep.

Though the idea wasn't anything close to being a discussion in the White House, the pair insisted that "for many in his constituency floating such an idea may not be a step too far."

But the hypothetical fears are legitimate.

Seventy-three percent believed that voter fraud happens frequently even though there is no substantial evidence supporting this claim.

The survey showed that loyalty towards Donald Trump was "more prevalent among Republicans who were younger, were less educated, had less factual knowledge of politics and strongly identified with the party." 

And they're not going anywhere.

Incentive, much?