Alyssa Milano Points Out Silver Lining Of Trump's Presidency, And People Are Hopeful

Alyssa Milano Points Out Silver Lining Of Trump's Presidency, And People Are Hopeful
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11 months ago

Actress Alyssa Milano is thinking ahead.

Like many Americans, Milano isn't happy about having Donald Trump as president.

But instead of moping about it, Milano is already gearing up for some upcoming elections that could be a silver lining for Democrats.

She recently tweeted out a link from Patriot Not Partisan, along with a map, detailing various governors' races across the country that could put Democrats in good shape for redistricting in 2020:

The article shared by Milano talks about the importance of the upcoming 2018 elections, in which 36 states will have their governor on the ballot.

The article also contends that, historically, after one party gains massive control of the White House and Congress during a presidential election cycle, the pendulum tends to reverse a bit, favoring the opposite party in the following election. If this holds, this would put Democrats in a prime position to win crucial races next year.

According to the article, during the last Congressional redistricting in 2010, Republicans, who had made massive gains in gubernatorial and state legislature seats in that year's election, were able to redistrict 55% of the nation's 435 districts in their favor, compared to just 10% for Democrats.

The news was able to cheer up some Twitter users.

Despite the urge to be pessimistic.

Some users have already zeroed in on their target races.

The gravity of the situation didn't escape several users.

Of course, this will only be a silver lining for Democrats if people remember one important thing: