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Twitter Comedian Gets Blocked By Anthony Scaramucci After Slamming Him With Savage Joke
9 months ago

Anthony Scaramucci took a hard hit from a Twitter comedian on Monday.

The day started out innocently enough when the recently-ousted White House communications director, who famously lasted just 10 days in the Trump administration, tweeted out:

Waiting in the wings was Twitter user LT. COLONEL KRANG, who couldn't help but remind Scaramucci that his wife, who had recently delivered their new son, had just divorced him.

Krang responded:

Apparently the personal dig went a bit too far for Scaramucci, and Krang paid the ultimate Twitter price:

But his sacrifice did not go unnoticed and tweets of appreciation streamed in:

For Scaramucci, the damage had already been done:

So let's pour one out for Krang: