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Clever Little Girl Uses Cambridge Analytica Scandal To Try To Get A Puppy

No typos. Yes happy ending. 

By Erica Diaz
19 minutes ago

Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Tweet Shaming Women For Not Taking Husbands' Last Names

Chrissy Tiegen was just fine with her own name, thanks. 

By Erica Diaz
2 hours ago
The Scoop

Check Your Mailbox—Harry And Meghan Just Sent Out Their Wedding Invites

Get your best outfit ready, it's time for a royal wedding!

By Collin Gossel
3 hours ago
The Scoop

Kenya Just Ruled That 'Forced Anal Testing' On Suspected Gay Men Is Illegal—But The Fight Isn't Over

Another win for the gay community and basic human rights.

By Vanessa Nix Anthony
10 hours ago
The Scoop

Kentucky Republican Suggests Shooting His Democratic Rival In Unsettling Tweet

There is no world where this is okay.

By Dana Levinson
11 hours ago

Cynthia Nixon's Response To Being Called An 'Unqualified Lesbian' Is Everything 🔥

Looks like someone was still stinging from years ago. 

By Jonna Ivin-Patton
17 hours ago
Extra Chunky

Colorado Mom Charged With Murder After Tossing Newborn's Body Onto Neighbor's Deck

This could have been avoided using the Safe Haven Law. 

By Jonna Ivin-Patton
19 hours ago
The Scoop

Parkland Shooting Survivors Have 'Had Enough' On Time's Powerful New Cover

The  survivors of the most recent U.S. school shooting are speaking out in Time Magazine's newest edition. 

By Mark Joseph
22 hours ago
The Scoop

Alyssa Milano Calls Out Wendy's Over Controversy Surrounding Women Farmworkers

She has been a huge voice for the #MeToo movement.

By Alex Maxx
23 hours ago

Henry Cavill's Instagram Tribute Video To His Late Mustache Is Perfection

He really shaved it this time. 

By Alex Maxx
24 hours ago